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Don’t Ideate On Our Differences; Let’s Master Our Similarities

Before I get started on this post let me make one thing absolutely clear.  I am a DATA JUNKIE.  My job is to develop digital products, online destinations and engagement campaigns using the latest behavioral scoring technology available; technology that allows one to gather primary data on the audience that is interacting with the products.  Lately, I have really had a hard time embracing granular segmentation strategies especially around B2B and product development.  I mean, who are we talking to anyways?  Glass buildings and steel infrastructures or is there a better way to approach this?  The notion that consumers or, for simplicity sake, HUMANS are not the collective influence of a corporation and its day to day decision makers makes traditional B2B marketing a flawed construct that should be re-examined.  Well this got me thinking even deeper... or shallower for that matter.  Let me start by discussing the problem as I see it.  We'll get to a new approach I am pursuing just a bit later in the post.